Demon's Edge/ The fall of the kingdom of rings

post 4 Attack in flamekeep
The band is ambushed in a desperate battle

THe band of the black shard makes its way into flamekeep, the Capital of Thrane and home to the church of the Silver Flame. We stop at the train station and are about to board a passage for a caravan When They are attacked by The female twin and her pterodacktyl, the thrashk guards, angry over the loss of the shard abandon the party and leave them to fend for themselves. Felix Barbaroi delivers strong attacks to her while Akymos and Garret, the halfling ranger joining us for this fight, attack the her mount, not doing much damage but keeping it on the ground. Shadow unleashes a dagger after dagger at her and she responds with fire blasts at felix, who responds with cold spells of her own, eventually garret delivers a killing blow to her legs, she falls off dead, Suddenly the Twin brother, apparently not far behind, attacks in fury at shadow, who flees onto the pterodacktyl in an attempt to deny the Kalashtar an exit, the brother attacks felix who even though he put up a spell of cloaking is cut down, Akymos rushes to his aid and duels with him and is cut down as well, at this point felix comes back to stabs the brother in the fork of his legs, rolls out of the way and launches a spell at him, this attack is too much for the Brother and he strikes down at akymos in anger and ends his life before climbing onto the mount and fleeing, Garret soon passes as well.

Leaving the party down two members and one unconscious. The guards arrive and felix and shadow accompany their friends whom they have lost, Felix takes the loss of akymos, his old friend, more than shadow but it is still difficult, the living members of the party are met by an old dragonborn named balthasar who speak on behalf a ancient dragon named Valamaradace, the golden lady. He asks us to accompany him to argonessen, the dark and mysterious continent of dragons and dragonborn. We accept in our own ways and on the terms that our lost friends come back to the living world. He accepts and notifies us we leave in the morning. When felix looks of boedas to see any changes in his condition he notices what looks like the start on a dragonmark starting on the palm of his hand that touched the black shard of Khyber…
3rd post On the move.
The twins attack again but this time the band is ready

The band of the black shard awakens ready for to move, this time, they are ready for anything. We board a special house thraskh train called the bullet. A two car, fully armored specialized train. Targuun and about five other orc body guards join us, we set off at dawn. With about a two day journey ahead of us. We explore the train top to bottom and win lose some money in a knife throwing contest against the guards. On our first stop, we find that the train tracks are inoperable thanks to a landslide, which we believe is not accidental, we take the longer route that may add another day maximum to our journey, Barbaroi gets creative and constructs an acid bomb set to detonate when the chest containing the black dragon shard is opened. And Boedas the dwarf in his foolishness (in real life player coolness) touches the black shard by accident, In game he is knocked unconscious. Out of game the dm takes clint out of the whole house and tells him what horrible visions the shard from the underworld tells him. He returns wide eyed and not talking, something tells us even if he could talk in game he wouldn’t say anything, the shard is now void and useless, But to be sure Felix barbaroi charges it with a simple spell to make it appear normal and it is given to shadow.

It is not long after that that we witness a large Pterodactyl with a rider mounted, later found out to be the female kalashtar on board, the pterodactyl grips the raised roof through its murder holes and begins to try to derail the train from its side, as its claws slide in Felix jumps out of the way, tossing an acid bomb as he falls, corroding the creatures talons, Akymos slams his warpick into its other talons and begins prying with all his might, the orcs join in and while this is happening Shadow is trying to lie to the woman using in a deadly bout of mind games, she wins by mental blasting him. While they argue Barbaroi slips out the back and loads a powerful spell fueled bolt into his crossbow, he shoots it and it blasts into a scorching area of molten rain that continues to burn them.

Shadow takes this oppurtunity to toss the now defunct shard out of the window and this, combined with the persistent if not brutal attacks we inflicted, she flees after the shard, once the battle is over, Targuun, furious at boedas for touching the priceless shard, places in irons, Shadow objects to this and him and the orcs draw swords, Shadow, with Akymos backing him up releases a barrage of almost a dozen knives in a split second, hitting almost every one of the guards. And barbaroi unleashes his arcane power on both his allies and the guards, Elemental power seethes through the lines of runes embedded on his body, a halo of flame erupts from his brow until he is a blazing corona of power (can you tell which character I play yet?) When he speaks, a deeper, secondary voice repeats the same words in primordial. Calling both factions to put aside their desperation and focus on a more powerful enemy than both of us. The guards and the band agree to work together and Boedas is unchained yet he remains unconscious for the remaining eight hours of travel.

we lay over in vaithrod and then stop in arrlusk, now in thrane, we decide to leave the bullet in capable hands and board a regular train, we stay in first class and await the awakening of boedas, we now travel out of breland and into Thrane a religious theocratic state and we go to it’s capital, flamekeep and from there we wonder if we should take the road or continue by train. And we anticipate the return of the twins, but something tells us that something big might be happening. As shadow put it, “I fear boedas will wake up to a different world than he could have possibly imagined.”

Stay tuned for more.

2nd post, into wroat
the band meets the shards dealers.

The band of the black shard manages to try to stop the train from derailing, wait did I say that? I mean we unhinge the train and let it crash into the train station. lots of useless explosions but no one died thankfully. We made it into Wroat and managed to shop around. Felix bought a black great coat and leather hat, He is totally rocking the van helsing look, a total badass.

We make our way into the House Thraskh safe house and an orc named Targuun pays us and asks the party to accompany the black dragonshard onto the next leg of its journey, that this is a plan to capture the Kalashtar twins and rid them of raiding the houses transport caravans once and for all.

We agree at a price and set in for the night waiting for the next days plans, whatever they may be.

The band of the black shard is expecting the the twins, but this time we will be ready.

Session 1 assualt on the lightning rail
the players encounter a shady force and a rare treasure.

The party, at this point not united, has somehow all found itself in sharn, the largest city in the world. We have boarded the lighting rail, a large train bound to an elemental spirit to give it flight across the continent. Our destinations are various but at this point we leave sharn and head to Wroat, the first leg of our journey.

Felix Barbaroi and Akymos travel together as they have for some time. They head to be the demon wastes. Shadow’s edge has received word of another kalashtar in sharn and feels she must meet this mystery character. Boedas Goldhammer is traveling on kundark business and sits in the cargo hold, guarding an extremely light box stamped with the seal of house thrask.

we make it though the first few hours of boredom on this train until we see a suspicious character get up and make his way to the back of the train. in their equivalent of coach. Felix follows along with akymos and eventually pick up shadow’s edge who managed to guide him to where he was at,Felix grabs an individual and tells him to make his way to the front of the train, where the guards are at and alert them. He does, but not before he stops first to tell the dwarf boedas of the trouble, Fearing this might get in the way of house kundark business he takes the box in his pack and makes his way down to the train.

He eventually meets up with the rest of the part just before we go in, we see through the window that they are herding the passengers, hitting them with the flats of their blades and lining them up.

We decide to attack but botch that move. The leader of the group, a tall man with a great sword charges us and managed to in one hit, make the teifling go out cold. We fight him while the man’s lackeys are distracted by a halfling on the roof running his spear through the window who managed to kill one of them.

I bring the teifling back up and do some damage to the man, but it is not until boedas cracks his skull with his huge hammer that we have any victory, eventually he goes down and we rout the lackeys, with crossbows, thrown hammers and knives. We dig through their pockets and find a letter ordering them to do this and not go into first class. Where we convieniantly hear an explosion, the halfling makes his way to front on top and we follow slowly, in battle formation.

We eventually make out way into cargo hold where we find that everything has been smashed in, someone was looking for something, and since all the boxes are smashed we agree they are still looking for it. We think it might be boedas’es box but we never say it, Felix finds a cannith chest and stows it, we go into first class where all the passengers are dead, by some death spell. boedas stops to collect the weapons of fallen mror holds dwarves and their gold and we go on, the guards are all dead or dying but from rapier thrusts, one tells me it was two people, and they went back into the front of the train. we approach silently and find two kalashtar twins, male and female, the male with a black rapier and the female with nothing in her hands, and a giant pterodactyl up on the roof.

at our site the female flees and the male draws his sword. he threatens to kill us if we don’t stand down and we comply, knowing he is more powerful than any of us at this point. he speaks pleasently with the kalashtar in our group, ever so polite and when we ask what he was doing here he confessed he was looking for a dragonshard, crystals of power that are supposedly linked to the dragon prophecy. we admit we have not seen one and Felixs ask him why he needs it and he brings up the prophecy, an almost song like retelling of the entire history of Eberron from the dawn of time and even to the future, something the dragons have spent aeons mulling over and he believes he can advance it for his own puposes which he leaves unclear. He leaves via teleportation and we all agree we need to open boedas’es box, Shadow unlocks it and boedas opens it, and behold, a large fist sized black shard is inside, Felix studies and concludes that it is a black shard of Khyber, from the underwold. And that if one were to touch it they would gain whatever knowledge that shard had, considering its dark origins no one is particularly up for touching it, so we make a decision that it would be best if boedas’es benefactors get it first. I open my cannith chest and find it is full of rare and expensive alchemical and arcane agents. and then see to piloting the lighting rail saftely to the way station. While the rest of the party collects enough gold for our journey and alerts the station of our emergency.

Next week will reveal what The band of the black shard will do next.

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The planning stage tminus two days till lvl 1
where it all began

Hello, you might know me from my twitter handle “awesometierDm” at least I hope i’m that famous, any way this dungeons and dragons game is something that has been in motion for a few weeks now. And its not like most dnd games. Granted every player says that about his game but this is completely for serious. It might be easier to explain where it all began

It all started when Matthew, my good friend “the chaotic Dm” as it were, were just being gentlemen and scholars by of course course discussing dnd. His campaign was already long done and I had finished my first game as a dm a few months prior. He gave me tips on what I did wrong and praises for what I did in my dark sun themed world. And I discussed what captivated me in his forgotten realms setting, not wanting to say what I felt he did bad for fear it would hurt his sensitive feelings. Anyway, we both wanted to be players again and we both wanted to be dms. More likely we just wanted to get into a game, any game, something gamish.

We actually had a plan to move on to play Warhammer 40K dark heresy but matthew came up with the most brilliant idea one could do in dnd that wouldn’t have Gygax come back from the grave and dragging us back with him for ruining dnd. He proposed the idea of us having a standard adventuring party who somehow gets transported to dark sun and when they do, Matt simply gets up, swaps places with me and I dm like nothing happens, throwing players off guard.

It was brilliant but one we felt like that would lose its desired affect after a few times. So I proposed that their is a war, a massive war so powerful it is opening rifts between our worlds. We spent the next hour or so bouncing ideas off of each other, each one more massive than the other, loop holes in history that could explain colonization to eberron by dark sun races fleeing the massacres of the past, things that could tear the players apart and bring them back together just in time. A war that could both unite the dragon houses of eberron and divide the sorcerer monoarchs of Athas or vice versa.

We knew this would have to be the game that changed everything, a game where a player can gain a thousand man army with a few skill checks but it won’t do anything because the other army has a wizard with the ability to bring mountains and stars down upon them as a standard action. A world where dragons, giants and even the gods, lack the power to turn the tide singularly. This would be a game that would stretch players to their upmost limits and force them to think outside the box in a world where nothing is impossible. That is this game. I will be playing in matt’s game as Emere Jaster, the genasi artificer, and he will play in my game as his old minotaur fighter, Asterion Ironhide. We are running this game at warp factor five and it will open no less than three black holes in the universe as a direct by-product of our combined awesome.

I am honored to play under and above Matt and its through him that this came to be, I just helped make it shiny, oh and the dragons,that was all totally my idea (you’ll see)

don’t be afraid to dream big and roll high…for science.
-Jordan The AwesomeTierDm


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