Shadow's Edge

A Kalashtar Rogue with split personalities on the run.


An kalashtar with grey skin, and silver eyes with no irises, dressed with robes and armor that have allowed him to blend into the forrest and jungles that he has survived in for so long.

knives both exposed and hidden cover his body, they seem to be his prime choice of weapon and he can hit the eye of a kobold with a knife in the dark from twenty feet away.


nearly a thousand years ago the qouri escaped the dreaming dark and went into the willing hosts of humans sensitive to their long awaited arrival. Shadow’s edge is unique among them, descended from a prince in qouri culture he was born into a kalashtar female that through some unusual way, managed to maintain a distictive human personality along with the qouri spirit instead of the usual blending of personalities that has always occured.

At any given time both or one can be speaking and most find it uncomfortable that a male qouri is inhabiting a body of a kalashtar female. It seems that even though the original hosts were willing that the new descendants are not, and desire to be separate bodies, but for now they work together

she became an emmissary from adar to Xendrik. during her travels she was attacked and her whole convoy was killed by unknown enemies. See this an an oppurtunity to both uncover the plot behind her assassins as well as discover their identity as a kalashtar and qouri Shadow’s edge took this as an oppurtunity to fake her death and travel the world. She expolored the jungles of Xendrik and lived among the drow until their were became interested in exploring Khorvaire.

As they traveld by galleon to the eldeen reaches they were attacked again, during the fight they lost their prized dagger, a qouri artifact that marked her as a prince. She escaped the burning galleon and fled into the eldeen reaches. Where she lived as a hunter.

It wasn’t long again that she had provoked the ire of a few locals and the resulting fight forced her to leave the lands she was so secure in. Now she is again forced to expand her places of living and is on the move again.

searching for something, two souls in one body, two masks on one face.

Shadow's Edge

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