Boedas Goldhammer

A dwarf blacksheep of house kundark looking to find a lost friend


A stout dwarf with black hair, his beard in long braids and a mustache full of win. Boedas carries a heavy shield and a warhammer, The shield is emblazoned with two crossed hammers of gold, the official weapons of his family, while his warhammer is emblazoned with the face of his father Boedas the first, patriarch of his family.


Boedas Goldhammer II was born in the mror holds in the west of khoirvaire, A family of bankers with strong connectins to house kundark his grandfather boedas is a successful banker who holds a seat on the kundark high council and a close friend to the leader of kundark.

Boedas II was the first grandson of the first son of Boedas I and was named after him to honor his legacy, Like most dwarves boedas was expected to become a banker but found numbers and math was not his strongsuit, much to the embarrassment of his grandfather, the life of an accountant was not for him.

when boedas was fourteen his anger at not making his grandfather proud he got into a fight at a bar and left three other dwarves with bloody noses and broken fingers. It was this day that he found he was gifted with the talent of fighting, he hoped to use this skill to make his family proud.

Soon enough he joined the iron gate, a group of dwarves that guard the treasures of house kundark on its journey. He spent many years riding the lightning rail, lyrander elemental galleons and airships. And in all his time as a guard he never had any item stolen while under his watch, be it bandits, robber, or the sly locksmith.

He managed to make a life long friend while on his journey, the only person he wanted with him on a job, a human iron gatekeeper. A good friend and more of the moral compass than boedas was, he would care for more than just house kundark property and protect the whole lightning rail in emergencies.

Until one day when they were on different assignment on the day the mourning occured, the lightning rail was stopping in cyrene and he has not heard from him or any of the passengers in the four long years after the mourning. He wants to look for him but in his heart he fears for the worst, no one has ever come back from the mournland at least, not as normal beings. In his heart he knows he couldn’t bear to see him…turned.

He carries on in memory of him.

Boedas Goldhammer

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