A tiefling warcaptain hungry for a chance to leave a legacy


An imposing tiefling who is famous for carrying a warpick and a necklace of ears, a primal warrior who gives in to this primal tendencies under the bloodlust of combat, he is a warrior through and through and a gifted leader.


Akymos is a teifling who as an infant lived in Ohr Kaluun off the coast of Riedra until the Inspired razed the city to the ground, his father died in the defence of the city so the others could flee, Akymos and his mother along with a great many teiflings fled to Droam and there akymos grew up to join the dragon house Thrashk. He lived in graywall with his mother and served in house Thrask in the liondrake’s roar mercenary force. He served with gnolls and harpies. He earned their trust with his red skin, dark horns and tail, he was one of them.

It wasn’t long before he found that he had a talent for leading and inspiring his troops, “the demon’s dogs” they called themselves in honor of akymos. Though they never were led into more than dragonshard trading disputes and guarding caravans, the first, and only time they saw combat on a large scale was in zilargo. Their dragonshard caravan was attacked and rather than just defend the caravan as is thrask policy Akymos and his dogs had enough, AKymos charged the zilargan forces on his gnolls followed with him, they won the battle and returned to graywall as heroes.

He was promoted and instantly afterwards punished. Feeling that the act might lead other warbands to attack without being provoked. Rather than let his warband suffer for his actions he stepped down and became an adventurer exploring all along the western coast. slaying monsters, and saving villagers more than happy to have a helping hand, though he did it more for the glory than the goodness. He eventually made his way unto the demon wastes and slaughtered monsters of all sorts. It was in the night that he encountered a savage demon, and they fought, in the end they exchanged great injuries, he nailed the demons hand to a rock with his warpick and the demon clawed out his left eye.

No one but Akymos knows what happened after that but somehow he escaped with the demon still alive, he vows to one day return and slaughter the demon.

With the war finally over he returned to droam and has spent quite a few years living in the area of the Zenir gnolls and offering himself up as a mercenary for house thrashk and droamites alike.


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