Demon's Edge/ The fall of the kingdom of rings

The planning stage tminus two days till lvl 1

where it all began

Hello, you might know me from my twitter handle “awesometierDm” at least I hope i’m that famous, any way this dungeons and dragons game is something that has been in motion for a few weeks now. And its not like most dnd games. Granted every player says that about his game but this is completely for serious. It might be easier to explain where it all began

It all started when Matthew, my good friend “the chaotic Dm” as it were, were just being gentlemen and scholars by of course course discussing dnd. His campaign was already long done and I had finished my first game as a dm a few months prior. He gave me tips on what I did wrong and praises for what I did in my dark sun themed world. And I discussed what captivated me in his forgotten realms setting, not wanting to say what I felt he did bad for fear it would hurt his sensitive feelings. Anyway, we both wanted to be players again and we both wanted to be dms. More likely we just wanted to get into a game, any game, something gamish.

We actually had a plan to move on to play Warhammer 40K dark heresy but matthew came up with the most brilliant idea one could do in dnd that wouldn’t have Gygax come back from the grave and dragging us back with him for ruining dnd. He proposed the idea of us having a standard adventuring party who somehow gets transported to dark sun and when they do, Matt simply gets up, swaps places with me and I dm like nothing happens, throwing players off guard.

It was brilliant but one we felt like that would lose its desired affect after a few times. So I proposed that their is a war, a massive war so powerful it is opening rifts between our worlds. We spent the next hour or so bouncing ideas off of each other, each one more massive than the other, loop holes in history that could explain colonization to eberron by dark sun races fleeing the massacres of the past, things that could tear the players apart and bring them back together just in time. A war that could both unite the dragon houses of eberron and divide the sorcerer monoarchs of Athas or vice versa.

We knew this would have to be the game that changed everything, a game where a player can gain a thousand man army with a few skill checks but it won’t do anything because the other army has a wizard with the ability to bring mountains and stars down upon them as a standard action. A world where dragons, giants and even the gods, lack the power to turn the tide singularly. This would be a game that would stretch players to their upmost limits and force them to think outside the box in a world where nothing is impossible. That is this game. I will be playing in matt’s game as Emere Jaster, the genasi artificer, and he will play in my game as his old minotaur fighter, Asterion Ironhide. We are running this game at warp factor five and it will open no less than three black holes in the universe as a direct by-product of our combined awesome.

I am honored to play under and above Matt and its through him that this came to be, I just helped make it shiny, oh and the dragons,that was all totally my idea (you’ll see)

don’t be afraid to dream big and roll high…for science.
-Jordan The AwesomeTierDm



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