Demon's Edge/ The fall of the kingdom of rings

Session 1 assualt on the lightning rail

the players encounter a shady force and a rare treasure.

The party, at this point not united, has somehow all found itself in sharn, the largest city in the world. We have boarded the lighting rail, a large train bound to an elemental spirit to give it flight across the continent. Our destinations are various but at this point we leave sharn and head to Wroat, the first leg of our journey.

Felix Barbaroi and Akymos travel together as they have for some time. They head to be the demon wastes. Shadow’s edge has received word of another kalashtar in sharn and feels she must meet this mystery character. Boedas Goldhammer is traveling on kundark business and sits in the cargo hold, guarding an extremely light box stamped with the seal of house thrask.

we make it though the first few hours of boredom on this train until we see a suspicious character get up and make his way to the back of the train. in their equivalent of coach. Felix follows along with akymos and eventually pick up shadow’s edge who managed to guide him to where he was at,Felix grabs an individual and tells him to make his way to the front of the train, where the guards are at and alert them. He does, but not before he stops first to tell the dwarf boedas of the trouble, Fearing this might get in the way of house kundark business he takes the box in his pack and makes his way down to the train.

He eventually meets up with the rest of the part just before we go in, we see through the window that they are herding the passengers, hitting them with the flats of their blades and lining them up.

We decide to attack but botch that move. The leader of the group, a tall man with a great sword charges us and managed to in one hit, make the teifling go out cold. We fight him while the man’s lackeys are distracted by a halfling on the roof running his spear through the window who managed to kill one of them.

I bring the teifling back up and do some damage to the man, but it is not until boedas cracks his skull with his huge hammer that we have any victory, eventually he goes down and we rout the lackeys, with crossbows, thrown hammers and knives. We dig through their pockets and find a letter ordering them to do this and not go into first class. Where we convieniantly hear an explosion, the halfling makes his way to front on top and we follow slowly, in battle formation.

We eventually make out way into cargo hold where we find that everything has been smashed in, someone was looking for something, and since all the boxes are smashed we agree they are still looking for it. We think it might be boedas’es box but we never say it, Felix finds a cannith chest and stows it, we go into first class where all the passengers are dead, by some death spell. boedas stops to collect the weapons of fallen mror holds dwarves and their gold and we go on, the guards are all dead or dying but from rapier thrusts, one tells me it was two people, and they went back into the front of the train. we approach silently and find two kalashtar twins, male and female, the male with a black rapier and the female with nothing in her hands, and a giant pterodactyl up on the roof.

at our site the female flees and the male draws his sword. he threatens to kill us if we don’t stand down and we comply, knowing he is more powerful than any of us at this point. he speaks pleasently with the kalashtar in our group, ever so polite and when we ask what he was doing here he confessed he was looking for a dragonshard, crystals of power that are supposedly linked to the dragon prophecy. we admit we have not seen one and Felixs ask him why he needs it and he brings up the prophecy, an almost song like retelling of the entire history of Eberron from the dawn of time and even to the future, something the dragons have spent aeons mulling over and he believes he can advance it for his own puposes which he leaves unclear. He leaves via teleportation and we all agree we need to open boedas’es box, Shadow unlocks it and boedas opens it, and behold, a large fist sized black shard is inside, Felix studies and concludes that it is a black shard of Khyber, from the underwold. And that if one were to touch it they would gain whatever knowledge that shard had, considering its dark origins no one is particularly up for touching it, so we make a decision that it would be best if boedas’es benefactors get it first. I open my cannith chest and find it is full of rare and expensive alchemical and arcane agents. and then see to piloting the lighting rail saftely to the way station. While the rest of the party collects enough gold for our journey and alerts the station of our emergency.

Next week will reveal what The band of the black shard will do next.



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