Demon's Edge/ The fall of the kingdom of rings

post 4 Attack in flamekeep

The band is ambushed in a desperate battle

THe band of the black shard makes its way into flamekeep, the Capital of Thrane and home to the church of the Silver Flame. We stop at the train station and are about to board a passage for a caravan When They are attacked by The female twin and her pterodacktyl, the thrashk guards, angry over the loss of the shard abandon the party and leave them to fend for themselves. Felix Barbaroi delivers strong attacks to her while Akymos and Garret, the halfling ranger joining us for this fight, attack the her mount, not doing much damage but keeping it on the ground. Shadow unleashes a dagger after dagger at her and she responds with fire blasts at felix, who responds with cold spells of her own, eventually garret delivers a killing blow to her legs, she falls off dead, Suddenly the Twin brother, apparently not far behind, attacks in fury at shadow, who flees onto the pterodacktyl in an attempt to deny the Kalashtar an exit, the brother attacks felix who even though he put up a spell of cloaking is cut down, Akymos rushes to his aid and duels with him and is cut down as well, at this point felix comes back to stabs the brother in the fork of his legs, rolls out of the way and launches a spell at him, this attack is too much for the Brother and he strikes down at akymos in anger and ends his life before climbing onto the mount and fleeing, Garret soon passes as well.

Leaving the party down two members and one unconscious. The guards arrive and felix and shadow accompany their friends whom they have lost, Felix takes the loss of akymos, his old friend, more than shadow but it is still difficult, the living members of the party are met by an old dragonborn named balthasar who speak on behalf a ancient dragon named Valamaradace, the golden lady. He asks us to accompany him to argonessen, the dark and mysterious continent of dragons and dragonborn. We accept in our own ways and on the terms that our lost friends come back to the living world. He accepts and notifies us we leave in the morning. When felix looks of boedas to see any changes in his condition he notices what looks like the start on a dragonmark starting on the palm of his hand that touched the black shard of Khyber…



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