Demon's Edge/ The fall of the kingdom of rings

2nd post, into wroat

the band meets the shards dealers.

The band of the black shard manages to try to stop the train from derailing, wait did I say that? I mean we unhinge the train and let it crash into the train station. lots of useless explosions but no one died thankfully. We made it into Wroat and managed to shop around. Felix bought a black great coat and leather hat, He is totally rocking the van helsing look, a total badass.

We make our way into the House Thraskh safe house and an orc named Targuun pays us and asks the party to accompany the black dragonshard onto the next leg of its journey, that this is a plan to capture the Kalashtar twins and rid them of raiding the houses transport caravans once and for all.

We agree at a price and set in for the night waiting for the next days plans, whatever they may be.

The band of the black shard is expecting the the twins, but this time we will be ready.



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